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SONY DSCA Message from our MCRA President


MCRA Members, we have something new and exciting for our members!  It’s the Kay Ferguson Award!

The Kay Ferguson Award is an award in recognition and honor of the Late Kay Ferguson, MCRA president 1974-1975.  Ms. Kay was instrumental in the development and growth of MCRA as well as other areas of Mississippi court reporting. Because of Ms. Kay’s unwavering loyalty to this association and profession, MCRA is proud to bestow this award in her honor to an MCRA member for outstanding leadership, dedication, service, and commitment to the Mississippi Court Reporters Association and for tackling the challenges in the court reporting profession thus allowing court reporters of Mississippi the opportunity to shine and prosper.  This award will be presented to one outstanding reporter at the Annual Spring Convention during the Luncheon.

We are asking YOU, as a valued member, to submit your nominations for that outstanding member you feel is deserving of this award. Nomination submissions must be received by the MCRA Board no later than March 1, 2015!  The Board will vote on one recipient from all nominations submitted.  (NOTE:  The award will be given at the discretion of the MCRA Board to a deserving recipient as earned and may or may not be awarded annually.)

Click HERE to upload the nomination form.  Please be a part in recognizing our hard-working volunteers (past and present) who unselfishly gave their personal time for this great profession.

Professionalism Measured by Excellence and Ethics.

— Sheila McKinney, BCR, CCR
MCRA President, 2014-2015




Updated on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MONICAby Melissa Magee, MCRA Mentor Program Coordinator

Meet Monica, stay-at-home mom, and her little blessing Kendall.  Kendall is four months old and is the apple of her mother’s eye.  As we all know, little blessings can be hard on the wallet: There’s diapers, formula, clothes, toys, etc.  The list can go on and on.

Since Kendall’s birth, Monica has been considering starting a career. After much research, Monica has chosen court reporting.  Monica will be enrolling in the ever popular Court Reporting at Home program.  By doing an at-home program, Monica will be able to stay with Kendall while studying and practicing for her new career.  Once Monica completes the program and passes the required certification tests, she may work part-time, if she so desires, yet potentially earn a full-time income.

Court reporting offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in hours and options, which is perfect for stay-at-home parents, new parents, and parents with children of all ages.

Think this career is for you?   Check out or email for more information on this amazing profession.

MCRA Targets Home-Schooled Students for Court Reporting Careers

Updated on Thursday, February 19, 2015


By Melissa Magee, MCRA Mentor Program Coordinator

There is an increasing number of students being home schooled today. The Mississippi Court Reporters Association has made it a priority to reach out to these students to offer information on careers in court reporting.

Today I had the pleasure to be job shadowed by Caitlyn, a 17-year-old home-school student from Bay Springs, Mississippi.  Caitlyn attended Sylva Bay Academy up until two years ago, at which point her grandmother decided to give home-schooling a try.  Caitlyn studies one subject a day and will have enough hours to receive her diploma in May of 2016.

Caitlyn has been researching possible careers and, being the social butterfly she is, would love a job where she can travel and meet new people.  Court reporting is her first option.

We started our day around lunch and popped in at the courthouse in Bay Springs.  We caught the judge on lunch break and spent a few moments in chambers with him and his staff discussing some of the aspects of court reporting.  We then attended a deposition where Caitlyn job shadowed.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with shadowing, a student accompanies a reporter, say to a deposition, and basically sits, listens, takes notes, etc, just to get a feel for the job.

Caitlyn enjoyed very much playing with the steno machine.  I was excitedly rambling on about, “This is the Q.  This is the A.  And when you mash all of these buttons together, that means the judge is talking.  Now you play for a minute while I finish setting up.”  That girl was taking some awesome mental notes.  Next thing I knew, she was writing Q, A, THE COURT repeatedly at the speed of about 300 words per minute.

Yes, it was a great day.  Caitlyn is currently researching the different reporting theories and will keep us informed on her progress.


MCRA Student Spotlight

Updated on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

photo (60)Please meet KATELYN BERCH

Where do you live?  I live in Magee, MS, and I have lived here my whole life!
What is your favorite thing about being a student?  My favorite thing about being a student is that is has taught me many different lessons. Lessons, such as patience and determination. You have to have both in order to be successful in this field!
What are your current speeds?  I am currently working on my 120s in all three categories.
What is your career goal?  My goal is to graduate next May and become a successful reporter. Once I become a reporter, I also want to help mentor students. I have had many people encourage and offer to help me, and I cannot wait to pay it forward!
Advice you would give to other students?  The main advice I would give to other students is to practice, practice, practice!  I believe practicing is the key to getting out of school. Also, reward yourself when you accomplish a goal. Last but certainly not least, don’t ever beat yourself up when things get difficult or you are having trouble with a certain speed.
What are other hobbies you enjoy?  I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I also love to barrel race but between work and school, I don’t have time for it right now!
What made you decide on court reporting as a career?  After my sophomore year of college, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. A counselor at school recommended that I look into something such as court reporting or paralegal work. I shadowed a court reporter and absolutely fell in love with it! I also get excited thinking about all the rewards court reporting has to offer!
Comments?  I appreciate MCRA for all that they do. They made me feel so special at the convention this past April. It is very encouraging to know there is a committee that is so supportive of all the students. I also want to thank Mrs. Melissa Magee and Mrs. Amanda Wootton for all of their help and encouragement. They have both gone the extra mile to help me when they did not have to. It is a great feeling to know you have so many people that care about your progress and want to see you succeed!

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