Legislative Committee

The purpose of this committee is to monitor legislation affecting court reporters and shall work to effect the passage of legislation affecting court reporters. The president of the association shall appoint the chairperson of the committee. The president may choose to appoint a co-chair, if necessary.

The duties of this committee are:

  1. Monitor legislative activities affecting court reporters and bring to the attention of the Board this information.
  2. Make recommendations as to actions by the association in regard to legislation affecting court reporters.
  3. Take no action regarding legislation affecting court reporters without the consent of the Board of Directors.
Name Term
Julie Mims, Chairperson 2017
Abby Julian 2017
Jamie Wetzel Morgan 2017
Anita Moss 2017
Janie Boyd 2017
Becky Lynn Logan 2017
Karen Reid-Edge 2017
Candice Crane 2017
Kay Larson 2017
Danette Horne 2017
Kim Ulmer 2017
Debbie Nelson 2017
Elisa Medders 2017
Laurie Abraham 2017
Lindsey McIntosh 2017
Sheila McKinney 2017
Victoria Reeves 2017
Huey Bang 2017
Sandra Roth-Roffy 2017
Melinda Bowers 2017
Patsy Young 2017