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The Mississippi Court Reporters Association began October 6, 1966, when 34 reporters met at the invitation of Chief Justice W.N. Ethridge, Jr., and Robert C. Khayat, Director of Continuing Education at the University of Mississippi School of Law.  The meeting was under the joint sponsorship of the Mississippi Trial Judges’ Conference; the University of Mississippi School of Law; and the National College of State Trial Judges.  The meeting was funded by the University of Mississippi Law School.

In 1976, the University of Mississippi became the first university in the nation to institute a four-year program in court reporting.  Dr. Florence Ninnich, Director of the Court Reporter Program at Temple University, was named the director.  Later, Mrs. Jan Bounds and Dr. Lorri Williamson were court reporting instructors at Ole Miss until the program’s conclusion.  Currently, Mississippi has a court reporting program through Hinds Community College, an approved program through the National Court Reporters Association.  There are also numerous online programs available for reporting students.  We encourage students to strive for their career goals!

The Mississippi Court Reporters Association extends a warm welcome to every student and reporter into this great career of reporting.  We would love to answer any questions about our profession and invite you to join us here in the Magnolia State, as we continue advancing all the present and future needs of our professional members.  We invite you to join us as a participating reporter member, out-of-state member, associate member, or student member, as we learn together and fine-tune our skills at our spring and fall seminars.  Our Mississippi Judicial College partners with MCRA to provide fabulous educational seminars that compare to none anywhere around.  We have been told our seminars are the best of the best.  We would love for you to come join us!

Thank you to our wonderful judges, attorneys, administrators, Administrative Office of Courts, Supreme Court, staff attorneys, clerks, and bailiffs, for working so well with us in harmony at all times to ensure we meet the needs of the litigants and all parties within the legal system we serve each and every day.  Thank you to all the paralegals and secretaries for your professionalism in keeping our depositions timely booked and our schedules intact.  We love our extended family of professionals. Without you being so wonderful, we would fail in our reporting success.

Our membership and Executive Board officers continue to stay in strong alliance with the National Court Reporters Association and network through both our conventions, as we continue to advance the best for our profession.

MCRA’s motto for success = Professionalism Measured by Excellence and Ethics.  MCRA’s future is bright, as we work towards our professional goals together in unity.  We are sworn to actively and honorably uphold our court reporting duties within the legal system we serve.   Through our professional organization, we strive for excellence now and in the future for all court reporters.

Our Association has grown tremendously over the years, thanks to an incredible number of volunteers, who have sacrificed their time to develop this great group of professionals.  We thank all of you who have spent your time, energy and love into forming MCRA and developing its continued success.

The Mississippi Court Reporters Association extends a warm welcome for you to travel with us on our journey towards future success!

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